Beginning Fall 2021, Logos College will offer UGC recognized degrees through a partnership with Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU). Please scroll down for a list of degrees covered under this partnership.

The Diploma in Theology is intended for those currently serving in ministry. Students will complete courses designed to give ministers the firm theological foundation needed for further the work of the Gospel. More information will be added soon!

The Bachelor of Theology degree at Logos College is intended for those who have completed primary studies and either wish to pursue ministry opportunities – or are currently serving as ministers without formal theological training. This degree program builds a biblical and theological foundation essential for students who feel called to vocational ministry and/or graduate study. The Theology degree is designed to help you think deeply about faith within a community of Christian professors and students. Students who major in Theology become perceptive, critical readers of the biblical text and of theological literature. They are able to interpret the Bible for themselves and for others confidently. Because all Christians benefit from an informed theological education, even if you’re entering another professional field, you can benefit from a major in Theology.

Bachelor of Theology Schedule – First Year

Course IDCourse NameCredits
NT311New Testament Survey3
OT321Old testament Survey3
THE341Introduction to Theology3
GS381Research Methodology3
GS383English for Theology Studies3
MM371Missionary Biography2
Semester Total17
First Semester
Course IDCourse NameCredits
NT312Synoptic Gospels3
THE342Theology I3
GS382Intro to Sociology2
MM372Intro Missions and Evangelism2
RP352Survey of World Religions3
NT314Life of Christ3
Semester Total19
Second Semester

Bachelor of Theology Schedule – Second Year

Course IDCourse NameCredits
NT413Book of Acts3
NT415Johannine Writings3
BEL433Greek I2
THE443Theology I3
CH461Church History I3
MM473Pastoral Care and Counseling3
GS483Intro to Christian Music2
Semester Total19
Third Semester
Course IDCourse NameCredits
Pauline Writings3
Historical Books2
Greek II2
Church History II3
Theology III3
Semester Total19
Fourth Semester

Bachelor of Theology Schedule – Third Year

Course IDCourse NameCredits
NT515Romans and Galations2
OT525Poetical and Wisdom Lit.3
BEL535Bible Translations Studies2
THE545Intro to Christian Ethics3
RP555Mod Religions and Movements3
RP557Intro to Philosophy2
MM575Church Leadership, Admin3
Semester Total18
Fifth Semester
Course IDCourse NameCredits
NT516Apocalyptic Literature2
OT526Old Testament Prophets3
MM576Christian Marriage and Family2
BEL538Intro to Biblical Theology3
MM576Christian Education3
CH564Indian and NE Church History3
THE546Christian Apologetics2
THE548Contemporary Theology2
Semester Total19
Term Paper2
Comprehensive Exam2
Final Semester

The Master of Divinity (M. Div) degree from Logos College is a three year program designed for individuals possessing a Bachelor’s Degree who anticipate serving as pastors, evangelists, associate pastors, missionaries, or in other ministries that emphasize expository preaching, or teaching of the Word of God. In most cases, the MDiv degree is also the appropriate degree for students who anticipate doctoral training and a ministry of college or seminary level teaching.

Students graduating from the M.Div. degree program will be able to:

  1. Develop an increased Bible and theological knowledge.
  2. Facilitate interpretation of scripture using appropriate hermeneutical principles.
  3. Encourage formulation of theological beliefs based on biblical and historical perspectives.
  4. Progress in the practice of classical spiritual disciplines.
  5. Develop a Great Commission perspective that is demonstrated by skills in evangelism, equipping disciples, preaching and teaching, corporate worship, and leadership.

M. DIV Schedule – First Year

Course IDCouse NameCredits
NT611New Testament Introduction3
OT621Old testament Introduction3
THE641Introduction to Theology3
GS681Research Methodology2
GS683English for Theology Studies2
RP651Major Religion Introduction2
Semester Total15
First Semester
Course IDCouse NameCredits
NT612Synoptic Gospels3
THE642Bible, God, and Man3
CH662Church History I3
MM674Mission, Evangelism, Growth3
RP652Introduction to Philosophy2
Semester Total17
Second Semester

M. DIV Schedule – Second Year

Course IDCourse NameCredits
NT713General Letters and Hebrews3
OT723Historical Books3
BEL733Greek I2
THE743Christ and Salvation3
RP753Modern Religion, Secularism 2
MM773Pastoral Care and Counseling3
GS783Introduction to Christian Music2
Semester Total18
First Semester
Course IDCourse NameCredits
NT714Pauline Writings3
OT724Poetical and Wisdom Lit2
BEL734Greek II2
CH764Indian and NE Church Hist3
THE746Indian and NE Theology2
Semester Total18
Second Sementer

M. DIV Schedule – Third Year

Course IDCourse NameCredits
NT815Johannine Writings
OT825Old Testament Prophets
BEL835Hebrew I
THE846Church and End Times
THE847Christian Ethics
BEL837Bible Translation Studies
BEL839Biblical Interpretation
Semester Total18
Course IDCourse NameCredits
NT816Apocalyptic Literature2
OT826Old Testament Prophets3
BEL836Hebrew II2
BEL838Biblical Theology3
MM876Biblical Theology of Missions2
MM878Church Leadership, Admin2
THE846Christian Apologetics2
THE848Contemporary Theology2
Semester Total18
Degree Total104