Brief History of Logos Ministry

The burden and the vision of establishing Logos College came while Rev. Dr. N Paphino and his wife were doing their Missiological  studies in Singapore in the year 1997.One day while he was in classroom, a clear voice of the Lord came to him that he must start a theological college where young men and women of God can be trained up to spread the gospel. Therefore they began to pray and at the same time started an institution for short term course under the banner of Discipleship Institute of Ministry (DIM). The Institute started completely with empty hand without any external or internal support. It started it’s journey only by faith in the Lord. Later, he(Rev.Dr. N Paphino) happened to discuss with Mr. Vilelie Khamo one of the super contractor of Nagaland, as a result of meeting him, he offered his house which is situated at Sovima village D khel to run the institution without any cost and on top of that he also helped the college financially and gave many valuable advises which have become the pillars of Logos college today. After running for short term course the full residential was demanded. Therefore the residential program was introduced in the year of 2000. With four students in the first semester. By the grace of God, the college was improving very fast which demanded again with bigger campus. The Lord has provided at sovima F khel which is geographical permanent location of Logos College. The name of the Institute has been changed from DIM to Logos College after relocation.

From the President

Dear beloved in Christ,

Warm greetings in the precious name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. It is my pleasure of introducing Logos College. Indeed it is good news for those who are called for full time Gospel ministry. You are praying and seeking the right place where the Holy Spirit and the word of God is it’s motivation. Therefore it is God’s will and also my heart desire that you should be trained and equipped at Logos College. Logos College is established with the burden and vision to train young men and women to follow the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. It is absolutely inter denomination in faith and practice. The philosophy of Logos College is to fulfil the mandate of Jesus Christ, make disciples and discipline them in the full knowledge of the biblical truth. So that everyone who once step in Logos College must realize that he is called for the Master’s task to spread the Gospel and strengthened the existing churches.

Together in his Vineyard

Rev. Dr. N. Paphino


We believe inspiration of the Holy Bible of our faith and practice its inerrancy infallible nature which was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

  • Believe in the work of Triune God for our personal salvation
  • Believe virgin birth of Jesus Christ and His Saviour hood for fallen humanity
  • Believe the personality of the Holy Spirit and the power still active in the church
  • Believe literal Hell and Heaven
  • Believe literal thousand years reign of Christ on this earth
  • Believe bodily resurrection of saints
  • Believe second coming of Jesus Christ

Believe the rapture of the church of Christ and His second coming


Monday to Friday, students are busy with their daily schedule such as attending classes, chapel hours, games and sports with good spirit. Saturday is kept aside for alternative outgoing day where students enjoy the outside atmosphere. Every Sunday morning each student is encouraged to attend the devotional service which is held at the campus chapel and at the same time some students take care of the Sunday school activities in the campus as well as outside campus. The Sunday school is open for all children. Every Sunday evening, evangelism department encourages each student to go out and try to meet other people for the Gospel of Christ. It is becoming a practical ground for students to become an efficient minister of God in the days to come. Apart from academic curriculum and devotional activities, Logos College organizes quiz competition, preaching competition, talent exhibition, social events and fun time which are all taken under the concern of the Logos chaplain.


Board Members:

Mr. Rokolhou Angami : Chairman

Rev. Dr. N. Paphino: Secretary


Pr. Pekrusetuo: Govt Officer Retired

Mr. D. Zhasa: Govt Officer Retired

Mr. Luolao: Businessman

Mr. Kevisebeilie: Police Officer

Mr. Zhabulie: Advocate

Mr. Kevimedo: Asst Professor, Science College, Nagaland

Mr. Neikralie: Class 1 Contractor

Mr. Neikhoo: Class I Contractor

Mrs. Neikhonuo: Social Worker

Mrs. Dolly: Social Worker

Dr. Reho: Surgical Specialist

Chairman of Sovima Village

Mr Pele Khezhie: President NCSU.


Rev. Dr. N. Paphino:  M.A.B.S, DD: Proprietor/ President.

Mr. Lhikedu Chiero: M. Th, Principal

Pastor Kevithuzo: M. Div, Academic Dean.

Mr. Athew: M. Th, Registrar

Mr. Dziivisielie : M. Th, Boys Warden

Miss Mercy: M. Th, Girls Warden.

Mr. Gagi: M. Th, Language Teacher

Mr. Kedilenuo:  M.Th,  Accountant

Miss. Kuku:  M.Th, Librarian.

Miss Holivi : M.Th, Chaplain

Miss Rebecca: M.Div, Evangelism in charge

Mr.Thekrulhousie:  M. Th, visiting

 Mrs. Megozonuo:  M. Div.

Miss Kevisanuo Paphino, Asst. Secretary to President.